[Humor] CMON kickstarter campaign saved by random YouTube video.

For me I felt that there was a middle ground that could have been reached that was just as beneficial to the dev cycle as it was to backer confidence. They did this brilliantly during TMB, but it was a glaring omission for Cloudspire. Certainly not jealous. I’ll gladly back the eventual reprint Kickstarter w/ upgrade kit when it comes around. I’ve risked it for a biscuit quite successfully for over 100 projects and have kept the faith with plenty of projects that could have gone south at any moment. Cloudspire just didn’t quite hit the sweet notes for me on the speculation and faith end of things. I needed just a bit more than hype and a a prayer and they didn't deliver. It’s a non issue. Have a good one, and apologies if I triggered any kind of post purchase justification quirk in ya. I feel like you simply misunderstood my point of view.

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