The humor in the TLJ is just not funny… at all

Spoilers in my post? Do we do that?

You're generally right. It was one of the worst parts about the movie. It wasn't that jokes don't belong, it was they were done poorly and awkwardly. Everything just had to keep going. I wouldn't have minded it, even in its "not classically Star Wars" state, the effective way Abrams injected the modern (not classically Star Wars) rapid fire-ish one liner humor into TFA, but Johnson (like a ton of things in that movie) just had to put every part of his idea into it. Poe had to keep messing with Hux, till he told a joke about his mother, till Hux looked like a moron (which was bad for the movie because it left Hux and Ren as the primary villains. Snoke's fate would have been less jarring from a narrative perspective [and great. It was a great idea, a great scene] because we're left with the 3 stooges as the big scary bad guy. It felt to me like, the good guys actually won...sort of...part of that movie's choppiness.) The Luke palm frond thing was terrible. Not necessarily in-and-of-itself, but because they kept it going till it looked like a blooper. It looked like a blooper. I liked the idea of Luke being a broken man. This crap about "that's not Luke!" is crap, because that's how stories and real-life works, people change. I would have been fine/enjoyed if he was also a snarky asshole. Like if Yoda was more mean than whimsical. But he was like the old man from Dennis the Menace! The scene where he tosses the lightsaber, it was awkward. I think it could have been fixed by slightly different body language and music. The music in those 5 seconds was whimsical. Not, Rey just got told f**** off after Han Solo died. Which could have been done with a slight laugh. They could have made the humor just a bit darker, kept it family friendly Star Wars with some tiny whimsy (dude, I liked the Porgs. I liked Chewie and the Porgs. I also didn't mind Luke and the tits.)

I actually liked TLJ less when I saw it the first time because everyone was laughing at the goofy scenes. I enjoyed it later in a less crowded theater. The humor was so weak sauce, and I don't understand why so many people loved THAT part of the movie. I want to say it's some kind of Adam Sandlar Transformers situation where people aren't...classy?...but I hate talking shit about other people's tastes. I liked the Porgs, and in no way minded Luke and the tits. I guess it's good people liked it. (There were many things I enjoyed about TLJ.)

But, yeah. The humor sucked, But it didn't have to. That whole movie was full of Johnson wanting to put every idea he had in it, and keeping it going. Like a stand up comedian telling a funny joke, then drawing it out after the first punchline because the audience laughed, [(insert witty joke here) "...and uh, the guy was wearing a stupid hat too, ha ha!"] but the joke ends up being kind of shit by the end, but the audience is still laughing and half of them just register the whole joke as funny because we are all sheep. (Like is said, I don't want to talk shit. I sheep. But yuck.)

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