The Hump Day Report

celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday. Between inexperience in our early years of marriage, always visiting in-laws and then vacationing with kids every year since 2011, this was our first truly memorable intimate experience since we opted to stay home following a 2 day trip Memorial Day Weekend. Nothing crazy or mind-blowing. But two rounds of sex followed by us sleeping close together with our legs wrapped around each other for two days. I honestly enjoyed sleeping close together then the act itself.

This after a 3 month drought due to kid's activities picking up and end of school year crap and us sleeping as far as possible from each other. But now that is all behind us, maybe we can resume a normal life.

All though our next reunion will have to wait 3 weeks. Wife and kids fly out tomorrow to visit the grandparents. I'll join them in two weeks but it will be a full house.

We were a little rusty. We'll see what happens after they all get back. Life likes to throw us twists and turns. But at least for a day or two, we got a break, and we capitalized.

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