Hundreds gather in Frisco demanding Texas to open

I live out in the country, but this is the closest city to me, so I follow it and Fort Worth.

This subreddit hates anything that isn’t super progressive, anti-trump, anti-establishment/corporation, they believe everyone is living paycheck to paycheck in Dallas (especially up north toward frisco/McKinney), and god forbid you oppose their views.

Majority of people on this sub make less than $50,000 annually, have shit benefits, are under 30, education that doesn’t fit the market, and/or is probably from out of state originally. They come here hoping for a change, bringing their ways along with them.

I did it reverse. Born here, moved away, realized how ass backwards New York is with taxation and cost of living, ran back here and will stay in my bubble out here now.

Don’t take it seriously. These individuals will grow up, move through their company/workforce, get more money/benefits/balance and change their views when their priorities change. Amazing what having a child will do when you aren’t concerned about paying for Chris Smith and his monthly government check.

We all are getting a taste of that now. No one gave a fuck if YOU got that check, they just wanted to know when theirs was coming in. Some of us are worried about how we will be paying for those checks down the road. Again, priorities change.

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