i hunt.

Haha are you trying to shock me by talking about killing animals? I drive past 300 fast food restaurants everyday, you dunce.

It’s badass? Lol. Badass, that’s funny. What’s badass is to think you and your little fuck boy friend falling out of your little chairs and breaking ribs. I mean, how fucking pathetic are you that in order to get your little dick semi erect you have to sit outside with a bunch of grown men and kill defenseless animals at distance with high powered weaponry. After accomplishing what a drunk chimp with one eye could accomplish after a week of training, you head back to your double wide and brag about how much of a man you are to your deeply dissatisfied wives while you contemplating if now is the right time to suggest to Bubba that he let you film him fucking the dear corpse.

And the kicker here (no pun intended) is that you can’t even get into your little fuckboy perch without popping a lung. How much do you suck as a men? You need a high powered gun, you cover yourself in doe piss, then hide like like a pussy to kill..... fucking Bambi? LOL. And after all that billboarding for your limp little dick you still can’t even get into your nest without expecting it properly because your thick skull can’t understand a concept greater than jacking off to hunting magazine photo spreads of dear mannequins with working vaginas.

You are literally advertising how much of a pathetic little bitch you are and expecting people to be impressed? Wow, you are seriously fucking delusional.

But hey, thanks for the memories. Gonna think about Bubba falling out of that perch like a bloated sack of turds. Rumpity rumpity thump. Fucking priceless.

PS. Listen, man. I’m no grammar Nazi, but your post looks like a 14 year old girl in a special needs class got hold of mommy’s phone. Get your shit together, for fucks sake.

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