Husband doing bare minimum

What does he do on his own? What are his responsibilities? Does he mow the lawn, take out the garbage or clean the cars? Does he drive the kids to school? What are his chores that he does and what are your chores? If the duties havent been designated they need to be.

When my wife and I first got married the first month she wanted to list out what my chores would be and what her chores would be and we would check them off a list each week. I had a better plan and called it the JUST DO IT method. If the garbage needs to be taken out just do it, if the laundry needs to be done just do it! It would be a waste of time and energy to recognize a chore that needs doing and then try to waste more energy convincing someone else it's their responsibility! So after a few months of the just do it plan we fell into our groove and shared all the chores pretty equally. Some chores like cleaning up after the cats or taking out the trash I naturally fell into a habit of doing and other chores like cleaning the bathroom she took on. This way nobody was forced to do a chore they didnt like or didnt have time for and we naturally found responsibilities that we didnt mind taking care of.

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