Husband and his mommy are furious this woman chose a life saving surgery at the expense of their unborn child. Most comments are rational but there are plenty of comments asking why she can't see his side of it

Well at least she gets a do-over at life without this asshole and his evil harpy of a mother. Like, they just straight up told her they wish she was dead with no hesitation

I've been so scared of being in this exact situation, I brought it up with my last ex (thought we were headed toward marriage at the time LOL). He told me that if we ever had children and were put in this situation, he would always choose to save me, no questions asked. Any hemming or hawing and I would have been looking at him very differently and probably would have dropped him, cause how can you possibly trust anyone who would say shit like in the OP

Also imagine being a child who is told that you killed your mother, even if you're a teen when you find out. Not only do you have to grow up motherless, which is horrible enough, but then also carrying that guilt around? Man. How could someone want to do that to their own child

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