Husband and I sent a group text to our families about our wishes for baby after they were born.. they blew up. AWTA?

When they constantly want you to cater to them and offer you zero help even when you ASK them and then ignore you.. yes it is.

My husband has been so overwhelmed with getting the baby's room done, the downstiars bathroom remodel done and general maintained outside while trying to get our son to his sports and tutoring and has literally asked people to come help him and they outright ignore him when he needs help but call when they need help with somethinf or want him to go golfing or hang out and when he has said he can't because he's workong on the house, they say "oh okay well maybe next time, bye"

This is why we said what we did, because this entire time it's been like pulling teeth to get any help when we've needed it because I've been on bedrest.

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