Husband is taking the 3 yo camping.

I took my 3 and 6 yo boys on a 3 day camping trip alone (my husband was on a deep sea fishing trip) -- the weather was just too amazing to pass up. We too, live in bear country, and were camped near a salmon stream. Between the shot gun and fellow campers I felt pretty good the whole time. But mostly, I was distracted by my kids having the time of their lives. They were utterly filthy and filled of junk food/hot dogs the whole time. We also did a 13.5mi bike ride (my 6yo did 10mi on his own, and rested a bit in my bike trailer with his bike tied on top). I really thought the ride was going to be a 9 mile RT - whoops! It's been 6 hectic weeks since then and my kids still talk about it. My whole point is -- this will 99.9% likely be a super safe, amazing adventure for your two dudes. How lucky your little boy is for having a dad (and a mama) who support these adventures! There is all sorts of scientific literature that shows how good this sort of thing (nature and one-on-one parent time) is so great for kids!! I bet your son will have an awesome time!!!

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