[Hustis] Steve Kerr on the Kyle Rittenhоuse vеrdict: “We’re seemingly ok with a teenager’s right to take an AR-15 into an area where there’s civil unrest. That’s really scary… This is America, and we’re treading down a dangerous path.”

They testified that the reason they didn't immediately do anything was because there were gunshots going off all over the place, someone was dead in the streets, someone else was missing a bicep, and they wanted to deal with that shit rather than deal with someone who wasn't a threat and would rather pick him up in the morning. I don't see anything wrong with that. Would that have happened if he was black? Almost certainly not. I think that's how they should handle a black person.

The way the police and the courts handled Rittenhouse is how they should handle black people, but all people care about is wanting Rittenhouse to be treated as if he was black, which I think is a bullshit way to handle an innocent person.

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