Huts for the homeless catching on in the Northwest

Absolutely. The mindset that addiction is a disease needs to change - its entirely the responsibility and active choice of the user.

This makes addiction a harder issue though - if addicts are active participants, and their addiction stems from poor life alternatives ... but they ended up becoming an addict (in part) through their life choices, how likely is it that they learn to reverse course? Its a sad reality that people often make series of bad life choices that set themselves up for failure. If someone spends decades to ruin their life, and that drives them to become an addict, they won't have a good alternative to not be an addict if they get clean. They just inherit their old problems.

The Frederick Douglass quote "Its easier to raise strong children than fix broken adults" comes into play here. How much stock do we put in trying to say we cured the current set of people experiencing homeless, versus putting more effort on prevention and just let the current cycle die off?

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