HWK 30, tier VIII light can be previewed in-game

Other than DPM (2086 vs 2276) and aim time (2.11 vs 1.73) this tank is better than the M 41 90 in every meaningful way (which as someone who just bought the m41 90 makes me pretty bitter + has given me buyers remorse). It has god tier view range, better cammo, better accuracy and better acceleration. Its hard to tell from the models but I think it also has a lower profile (this is a good quality for light tanks)

Having said that I don't think this tank is OP compared to the other premium light tanks. Its cammo is bad, its acceleration is average, it has no armour and its dpm is the same as the others. I would probably argue the view range should come down to 400 but other than that I think the tank is fine, its just a shame it makes the m 41 90 redundant.

BUT having said that again, IMO all the tier 8 premium light tanks are OP when compared to the tech tree tanks so go figure....

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