Hydrosphere does not double DPS of Orb of Storms

both the boss and the hydro are within the OoS, how can there be a misposition?

OoS casts once, which can split...then doesnt split to both targets = no double damage because you cannot hit a target more than once with a chain. Same goes for split, and apparently OoS' split works the same.

The OoS is essentially 'splitting' to the hydrosphere, then chaining to the boss, then back and forth with multiple chains that do no damage. Its like how snipers mark+deadeye wall chains don't work. Its all part of an order of operations, you can have a GMP+forking+splitting+chaining projectile and its always just going to hit a mob, for damage, once. Yes you can see the chaining but its not doing anything, or shouldnt be, right?

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