Is it hypocritical to glorify historic Arab conquests, Ottoman empire etc but hate Israel for stealing land?

I mean, ethnic cleansing has a set definition. And it (or genocide) didn't happen during the initial Arab conquests.

Most Arabs thinking they're Arab is because they are. Arabisation happened, and language/identity changing is nothing new. Them being genetically Berber doesn't necessarily conflict with this.

Berber culture absolutely did not only survive in remote villages. Morocco and Algeria were majority Berber speaking during the French colonial era, and mass arabisation only occurred after independence as a result of governments trying to reinforce a national (mainly Arab) identity, and as a result of an Arab education.

Before the past century, these countries were mostly Berber speaking so this was obviously not a result of the Arab conquest 1300 years ago. Even today, entire regions and millions of people are Berber speaking, not "remote villages".

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