Hypothetical: if a patient or family threatens litigation, do you still maintain a doctor-patient relationship?

I did revision surgery on a patient who was operated on by one of my partners. My partner made a mistake during the initial procedure. Patient happened to be a nurse at the hospital and did well after the revision. Before agreeing to do the revision, I spoke to our malpractice carrier who assigned an attorney. Patient signed standard consents, I was advised not to ask for any type of indemnification since an argument could be made that it would have been signed under duress. We also offered to refer her to a similar group in the next city over, but she wanted to get care where she lived / worked.

Patient got a lawyer and sued my partner, our practice group, and the hospital (where she also worked). There was a very brief settlement conference and I think everyone walked away happy.

I was very nervous about doing that revision, I had only been out of training around 5 years at that point, and my partner had been working around 15 years.

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