I think I got this all figured out...

I don't like how Frank just ceases to exist at the end. All this time, he's being chased by all these evil creatures and never really got peace. And I thought it would've a positive ending after having a conversation to God.

Joji sees himself as the imbalance of the universe and how the world would be better off without him. He definitely has depression. I can understand his mentality and thinking process. He feels like no one else in the world understands him and how everyone is out to get him. He has people around him yet still feels alone and he knows it's his fault. I can read the emotions and his feelings towards writing this book. It seems like its a cry for help and no one really seems to understand him.

I think only a few people get his mentality like Lotus. She definitely has depression too, based on her responses on her Joji's post on IG. So how about you? What'd you got out of his book?

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