i know i’m not alone in this one gals when i say i LOVE reflecting on AOC’s tremendous impact on Washington. girls can do this :)

it's easy to get really into the weeds about the soviet union. i think it's important to remember that it was a nation constantly being invaded or under the immediate threat of invasion for its entire existence that did manage to nonetheless provide a more humane alternative to the industrialization process as seen in the west. the holodomor was also a lot more complicated that just overzealous grain exports. there were a lot of factors including bad agricultural policy, poor growing conditions, and of course grain/livestock destruction by landed peasantry in response to grain requisitions to support the urban population. importantly, this was the last non-wartime famine experienced by a region that had in the past experienced cyclical famines. i would also argue that the soviet union never really reached a point at which material conditions were truly right for advancing beyond a capitalist mode of production, though i would certainly agree that the soviet bureaucracy post-khrushchev and especially going into the late 70s/80s had more or less lost any vision for advancing the dialectic and had severely stagnated. but again, much of that is exacerbated by the geopolitical conditions they were in.

in any case, my main point is that the development of a capitalist mode of production isn't a good gotcha for a socialist state that emerged from a peasant nation.

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