I think I may have a problem with alcohol? Help

I agree with others that therapy may be the best thing for you to do at this time. Most addicts use alcohol to feel differently despite how often they use it. Most don't start guzzling a handle of liquor a day, what leads to heavy use is that over time you begin to equate liquor with feeling basically any other way but yourself. Some addicts use it to feel "better", "stronger", "different", "special", or to simply forget, feel numb, and escape. The list goes on and on and if you're an addict, this probably doesn't just apply to alcohol. It can also apply to seemingly harmless substances like caffeine, sugar, and food. For some, even another person or sex becomes a way to "feel different". It's good that you are recognizing that in yourself. More than likely you aren't feeling fulfilled or happy in your real life with your circumstances and, most of all, with who you think/feel you are right now--which you mention about moving, feeling no motivation, etc. You probably will need counseling to help you through this time and through the cravings. You are really young, and I can't say if you're definitely an addict, or just in a stage of life that will pass. Only time (and maybe family history) will tell, but for now, getting help and reaching out will allow you to be better prepared to face the reality you aren't happy with. In short, you need to learn to love and have compassion for yourself as you are right now and accept who you are today so that you can be a better you tomorrow.

Just remember that you are not alone even if you feel terribly alone, confused, or lost. However, choosing alcohol/drugs over accepting yourself or your reality is choosing to be alone and miserable in the long run if you are an addict. If you become a addict who is using, over time alcohol will be your only love, your only "hope", and the only reality. It will steal your life away. Don't let that happen. Get help and find strength in others who can give good council. Go to an AA meeting even if it is just to sit in and listen to the stories, it may help with perspective.

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