I think I might be a TERF.

What exactly are you looking for in return?

There are trans women fighting shoulder to shoulder with us in the #metoo movement, the fight against rape, and quite a few other feminist issues that harm us all. Most trans women I've met are also passionately pro-choice and are willing to fight for issues that only hurt cis women.

I totally agree with what I assume one of your points was talking about: the idea that not wanting to shagg a trans woman is transphobic. I think that's a garbage idea and all lesbians are valid. I do also think that lesbians who date/fuck/marry trans women are still totally lesbians too though (obviously unless they identify as bi, pan, etc).

"Community" is really a loose idea and maybe we need to consider taking this on a case-by-case basis rather than lumping an entire group together. Trans people are DEFINITELY not a monolith.

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