I think I need a bigger case

Here's what you're not understanding - anime and cartoons are an art. These artists commonly draw humans. Humans are real. We are humans. So these characters represent humans. This is why lolicon porn is illegal where I live.


There are organizations against it in Japan. Many studies show that it can cause harm to children, but there needs to be more research because there isn't enough data.





I'm not a "couch activist". I am a university student. I study psychology because I want to help people who have been sexually abused and I want to understand why people sexually abuse others and why different cultures have different tolerances to abuse. I'm also a victim of rape myself, and have had underage nude photos of me distributed against my will to many people online and in my real life.

This is a serious topic, and you may have your opinion, and yes maybe I've never "lived in Japan". But I live where I do now and I have the life experience to have the opinion that loliporn can be very harmful. It's one thing to watch it privately, but another thing to post figures on Reddit with a "nudity" warning. Again, it is ILLEGAL in my country, so either people shouldn't post it, or Reddit should have an option for a "loli warning". I'm sure Reddit giving the loli warning option makes more sense.

I have nothing else to say.

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