I think I know why people just don’t care.

Part of it is that we've been sold a bill of goods that we have since learned was a bunch of bullshit. The American dream, all the myths surrounding our history and our "potential opportunities", the complete garbage of American exceptionalism. It's like an assault, a slap in the face. Someone has bent us over a barrel, raped us raw, and then emptied our bank accounts. We were taught to like it and ask for more. It's a hard realization. I'm GenX, in my early 50s, and looking back I see that everything I was taught in public school, everything I was "taught" societally, has been a complete sham. Even the history degree I got in the very early 90s I've come to realize was lies and propaganda and delusion. Our society is fake, the religiosity that overlays everything is fake and destructive. We are sick in mind and body and we worship money and violence, from the top down. Collectively we are a morally bankrupt, lethal society. It is beyond repair.

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