I know that I should have children, but I don’t find babies appealing.

I don't know how much time you've spent around babies but until my older sister had a baby, I hadn't spent a lot of time with them. All I saw was the poop drool and noise. Watching my sister with her baby and seeing the baby grow and celebrating her milestones has been the greatest gift to me in the past couple of years. I'm not saying you should have children but not too long ago I was in the childfree mindset.

My problem with childfree is that intelligent attractive women aren't wanting babies anymore. But babies are still being had by ones who couldn't make it to the line at abortion clinic quickly enough, due to sloth, who are having children. They raise their children in slovenly, hate-filled environments.

European birthrates are on the decline. Immigrant birthrates are not. I'd rather see you have the child, if you are married and can provide a child with a happy stable home. You start seeing that children, though they may seem 'boring' to you, are essential for the future. It is our responsibility as adults to make life on earth better for the ones who come after us. It won't be a good future if all the women who are intelligent enough to doubt don't have children.

If that means enlisting the help of a maid to get you through the first couple of years until the child is potty-trained and can talk then I'd say it's not a terrible idea.

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