"I Think I Have It." Weekly Thread - Week of Mar 16th, 2020

Think I may have contracted virus in early January. Went to festival in early November got the flu and recovered a little over a week. Early December I traveled to japan and returned by Xmas. Started to get a sore throat few days later that turned into what I called a "really bad" flu (questioned myself if it was common to get the flu twice so close in time): just heavily congested, coughing, night sweats, achy fatigued body from dealing with symptoms (+I had torn a rib muscle), didn't have thermometer so can't remember if I had a fever but had to take super steamy showers where for at least 15min I coughed up clear/white phlegm (that eventually turned completely yellow/green) that felt like it was lodged deep in my throat and in the upper airway of my lungs. Had to take real deep coughs where it'd feel like dry heaving. This lasted at least two full weeks until I began to feel slightly better. Not sure if I've ever had pneumonia so no clue what those symptoms are like.

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