"I Think I Have It." Weekly Thread - Week of Mar 16th, 2020

Hi there. This is about my 4th day of symptoms. I'm in Chicago and work(ed) in an industry where I was around 50+ different people everyday in close-ish quarters. We are JUST starting to test people here. Even first responders are waiting.

Anyway, my temp is usually 97.9 but for the last few days it has been 99.1 pretty consistently. I have periodic chills, my body feels very weak. I'm not very hungry. I have moments when I feel kind of confused. My nose is a little runny, I cough occasionally. My eyes burn and I have an ocular headache. Last but not least, my senses of smell and taste are weakened. Not gone completely but it's like I have a piece of plastic over my tongue. It's a weird feeling.

I'm not going to try to get tested because I don't have insurance and I am not leaving the house for at least another 2 weeks. If my fever gets too high or some sign of emergency happens, I will call the hotline. I have asthma, so that sucks. But I hope we all make it through this, whatever it is! Best wishes, Reddit buds.

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