IamA 21 year old girl suffering from an incurable and sometimes untreatable condition called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) uodates and more, AMA!

I detach from all these thought forms in everything that contributes in gods love and light it is so.

I am good. I am okay. Yes.

What that does is is open the subconscious allowing the corrupted files in the brain to reset. As I said before the brain like a hard drive, when you open up the task manager on your computer there are all those background programs running to operate the computer. That is what the subconscious is.

here is some research on the subject. These are from two different people that do it this type of healing.

http://www.qnrt.com/ http://mindsetus.com/

I started doing this therapy with a lady here locally in Nebraska a couple years ago before going through the process of being able to do it myself.

When I first started going I was very immature, angry, an alcoholic, had severe shoulder pain...the list goes on. I am a completely different person today.

This translates into health issues as well. Mary, the lady I was first seeing had a young girl come see her who had been out of school for a year prior, had severe stomach issues. She had one session with Mary and a week later was in the pool swimming.

I knew a girl that severe bowl issues, they cut out around 5 ft of intestine from her. She had to go into the hospital every month to be put under and they would stretch her rectum out. Yeah. For the next week she would be in horrible pain. I 'cleared' her a week before she was going into one of these surgeries and the next day she was up and moving around with little to no pain. She hasn't been back since and that was a year and a half ago.

Monks do this same thing through meditation. Through meditation you can open up the subconscious and clear the mind of unwanted garbage. As for monks they do fear and want and so on, that is how they can live detached from the world and not want like the rest of us do.

I know this is rather unconventional and goes against what we have been taught, that doctors are who heal us but drs really don't do anything but cut stuff out or mask the issue with medication. Medication just tricks the brain chemically to think that it is functioning properly, that is why a lot of times one has to continue taking medication.

The body has the ability to heal itself obviously sometimes you need to clear the way so it can fully do so.

There is hope and I hope the best for you.

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