IAmA corporate lobbyist in the UK. AMAA

I agree that the people who run businesses should be able to lobby but I'd like to get rid of the intermediaries like you and stop any kind of financial incentivisation that often comes with lobbying.

It's important to note two different kinds of financial incentivisation. First, incentivising someone to lobby (paid lobbyists) and second paying for influence/access (cash for access).

I agree the second of those is wrong and shouldn't happen. The first though is unavoidable if you want proper lobbying to get done, which businesses and Government do.

What corporations have access to compared to the general public gives them massively disproportionate influence, it's like a guy going into a court room with no lawyer and facing someone with a whole team of incredibly expensive, experienced people. Of course the latter is always going to do better.

That's how lawyers work! If you're rich you get better lawyers. If you're rich you get better everything - doctors, accountants, cars, houses, whatever. Your argument is against a monetary system.

Democracy should not work like that. The wealthiest businessman should have no more political leverage than the poorest member of the public otherwise we live in a corporatocracy.

But they are completely different things. Say there was a company that operated all the country's trains and it needed to speak regularly with the Department for Transport to make sure that everything works as it should. That company would have massive influence compared to a random person on the street - but for good reason.

Because of the extent and importance of its operations, and the necessary crossover with DfT, it would need to be influential to make sure the trains don't grind to a halt.

I appreciate that's an extreme example and seems a bit brutal on the random guy on the street, but the fact is that first companies can need more influence, and second they have needs which are not aggregate-able in the same way as the general population.

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