IamA Front Desk Associate at a 2 star hotel. AMA!

I posted this last night but I don't think it showed up so I'll repost it here:

Alright you asked for it. Gross: We have 2 old guys staying/living at our hotel. One has been with us for over 2 years now, he's a crazy drunk so he pretty much pees his bed every night, and makes his whole half the building reek like urine. Second old guy has been with us for 3 months now I think. He's worse. He's so old he's incapable of cleaning himself correctly so he literally gets feces all over his room! And we send out his dry cleaning and they drop it back off charging him double because they have to work so hard to get the feces out of his clothes. When these old guys either finally leave us or die, we're going to have to replace the beds and furniture in their rooms and air out the rooms for at least a month. Scary: Drunk guys. I'm an attractive blonde girl working in a building with over 170 beds. Drunk guys have tried getting me to their rooms before, and some are bold enough to grab at me. I've taken self defense classes so luckily I've been able to defend myself and I have been able to get out of that situation. But I do remain shaky and nervous for days afterwards. One day a guy was freaking me out so I had a friend come hang out with me at work for 5 hours until I got off work. Weird: We had a contract with a domestic abuse shelter in town, basically they overflowed and there overflow would come to us. That was an awful contract. Out of all the girls we've helped out, only one ever looked/acted like she needed it. Most of the girls use it as a party room and bring their wifebeaters with them back to the room. Once one of those girls went out to a bar with a guy staying here, came back passed out. He literally carried her limp body back through the lobby, successfully panicking every person that saw a big guy carrying a helpless girl back to his room. Funny: We installed automatic doors and sometimes I get bored and clean them, which involves shutting them off in the closed position. People would walk straight into them. Seriously. Add on funny: Recently I got a complaint about me towards our corporate. See you don't know me but I'm very good at what I do and the guests know that and they love how friendly I am. I've never gotten a complaint before, ever. This woman who must've weighed 250+ pounds checked in, went to her room, came back a few minutes later saying she went to the bathroom and her toilet overflowed and told me to go clean it. I told her I'm the only person working atm so she'd have to settle for me moving her to an identical room right across the hall. She told my corporate I wasn't "concerned enough" what does that even mean. But anyways, I love the owners, they weren't even mad. Just called her a dumb bitch and we moved on with our day.

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