IamA person born without sex hormones. AMA!

Yep. Sorry my friend. Racism against whites exists, and sexism against men exists.

Now, if you're getting at the opinion that the terms racism and sexism include in their definition some part that necessarily includes aspects of institutional power - then yes, I would agree with you.

We would then need, however, a different term for prejudice against men and prejudice against whites - but now we'd just be discussing semantics.

I never told you, nor have I ever told anyone, how to cope with sexual assault. It is an experience that I can try to empathize with, but one that I will perhaps never fully understand. What I will continue to do, is try to get people to cope with their prejudices - no matter what event or experience caused them.

I have a very good understanding of what privilege and power are, and I would love to listen to more of what you have to say - you saying these things serves no other purpose than to anger. I have given no "lecture", I have enjoyed hearing from you, and expressing my own opinion in this conversation.

As far as you saying that it's "not your job" to educate people, it is my belief that if you consider yourself an activist, for whatever cause, that you should try your best to do just that. I can't tell you how many times I have had conversations about race/gender/sex/rape and other issues, and have failed to get across my message to the other person. I still think that I have to try - every time.

You're welcome to believe what you want about me, but regardless of what you think - the one thing that I will say with certainty that you are wrong about is that you seem to believe that I am not an activist and ally to pretty much the exact things that you are fighting for. We are on the same side, and you don't seem to see that.

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