ice cream break!

Eh I still think you're the one has it mixed up. My memory is still as sharp as a tack. I'm fairly certain there was a dance number in there somewhere too and jumping up tables like in the old pictures. Glad to hear your father made a name for himself. I remember the day he got cut off from his ship and was sent hurdling towards Earth's atmosphere. Hell of a thing to go through. I'm just glad he got back in one piece. Sawyer and Felix are great kids too. Although that Sawyer always poses these questions at the end that I haven't got a clue how to answer. Eh, I don't think the hard ice cream would be bad for him, but if your parents are against it I won't put up a fight. He's the one that can tap dance though right? Sawyer and him came in here just the other day I think.

Well I can't say the Denny's around the corner isn't the best one in the nation, so I wouldn't say it's not interesting. Don't sell yourself short kid. You just need help with setting up your stories.

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