ICE Protest Leader Arrested as Sick Pedophile History Exposed

What the anon was trying to say is: we normally think of a "sick pedophile" (like the headline) as being someone who is attracted to or abuses children -or in other words underage children who are NOT sexually mature and clearly do not appear adult. That's why people get carded for alcohol... because you can't TELL by just looking at someone - how old they are. The headline is very 'click-baitish' because the only reason I clicked on it is because I CARE about the children. But in this case these people involved are all likely very close to full adulthood (even if they are not all legal age yet)

I am just saying that If I was a teen age girl of 17 and saw that guy of 20 -I could see developing a crush. That is the age that we have those very strong crushes and we fall in love easily - especially if they are attractive and charismatic. That guy is NOT ugly which means he likely has girls chasing him. I wouldn't (based on this headline and story) put him in the same category with the SICK perverts we are trying to put away. That's something else actually - to my way of thinking. From what the article says, I DID NOT get that he is attracted to children nor abusing actual children. Is it illegal? Yes. Immoral - I don't think so. if he is legal age and they are not. But I wouldn't call it pedophilia nor even immoral for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old. If that were true then my Dad and Mom should be in that headline too since that's exactly how old they were when they got married. So the use of the adjective "sick" in the headlines - in my opinion is clickbait nonsense.

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