ICE is raiding sanctuary cities as revenge, reports say

You keep trying to straw man me and failing. I have no more energy to waste on you. You are a child if not in age then in mentality. One day you will wake up and contribute to society.

I am not saying you need to get a job because that would mean shaving your neckbeard.

I am not saying have a family because that would mean being tolerable.

I am saying keeping your mouth shut because the only thing you know how to do is regurgitate psuedorightous points behind a thick veil of cliche.

I am secure in knowing that I do good work so that when I die I will be satisfied.

Take a look back and note that a vast majority of your comments are unwarranted, poorly worded, and delusions of a life outside your room.

When you aren't lambasting people you are complaining about how Christians and Neo-nazis are ruining your sandbox and kicking you off the jungle gym. You don't know the first thing about helping people. If you did you would have a little bit more tolerance.

Everyone deserves a path to citizenship in my book. Be thankful that you were born in a country where you can waste your days in technicolor instead of the mines.

This is absolutely off the cuff so feel free to pick it apart because I am done reading your trash.

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