This was Ichi, he died today of kidney failure. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.

This will probably get buried but on the off chance someone sees it and it helps them I will post it anyways.

I lost my best pal of 18 years on November first. He'd been struggling with kidney failure for years. Going through some rough spots but always bouncing back. It was like an out of body experience when the vet said he didn't have much longer, a year at most but not likely. He got much worse over the next week or so. We scheduled his last trip to the vet.

In the coming days he just slept. I cried just about every day as I took time to just be with him.

Then came the night we had to put him to sleep. I was numb. We all got in the car and began our drive. He always hated the car and would be very vocal, that night he was silent. I'd like to think he understood it was his time. If there was ever a cat who had 9 lives it was him.

The entire process of putting him to sleep was a blur. The vet was talking but I was so focused on him that I couldn't hear the vet. They gave him the first injection and he fell asleep quickly, then after some time the second injection came. He went peacefully and quickly.

I've lost extended family members that I didn't know very well but this cat was like a brother to me.

Its ok to cry, fuck anyone who says otherwise. Cry not because of the end, but because of the happy memories your pets left you with.

Rest in peace Hercules. You were the best damn cat I'll probably ever have. I miss you everyday.

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