I'd rather work on improving myself & my wealth instead of chasing whamen

To humans, the truth never really matters.

What matters is what benefits the biggest amount of the most important group.

Little girls are the most important, starting with the most beautiful down to the most ugly.

Then a segment of boys, starting with the ones who display the most potential (including status), then down to about a quarter of men.

Then adult women under 30, with the most beautiful and youngest first.

Then the top few percents of alpha men, although most alpha men do not need anything and they fend for themselves. So it often looks like they get more benefits then this, but they are mostly giving to themself first.

Then women who haven't hit menopause yet.

Society as a whole rarely cares much about anyone below this tier.

Then back to little boys, the next 25% of men.

Then women who have hit menopause and can no longer give birth.

Then the remaining men in getting top 20%

Only biological relatives (and close friends) care about anybody below this point.

The next 25% of boys.

The next 10% of men

The rest of the boys.

And next 30ish percent of men

And then the incels.

Since women are much higher on the totem pole, they hate that you aren't sacrificing enough to make them happier.

So they hate you.

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