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*Given that PI is publishing Cities: Skylines which is being lauded as 'the game that Sim City (2013) was meant to be', have you considered creating an evolution simulator so then you could also have 'The game that Spore was meant to be'? From what I read the dev team of Spore was split into two camps, 'the realists' and 'the cutests' (and I think it's pretty obvious who won...). I'd love to see a Spore-esque game with 'the realists' in control of development with factual science and realism at the core of the experience as you evolve your own custom species from a single cell to a Q-like entity http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Q_(species) (or maybe your species will end up being somewhat similar to the Borg?... there are endless possibilities... maybe your species is aquatic, maybe its a sentient plant, maybe it lives in the clouds of Gas Giants...) and this is something I think that Paradox Interactive could pull of and I hope this is an idea that Paradox Interactive seriously considers (even if they cant admit it publically).

TL;DR I would like Paradox to make an ultra-realistic, non-cutesy version of Spore*

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I think most Spore players will agree that it's the space stage that saved Spore from being a total flop. (But the space stage seems to be where the designers spent most of there time.)

As for skipping stages... maybe you could take the traditional Paradox approach and make the game in sections giving you the time you need to fully flesh out each stage and make it enjoyable and interesting? Also Allowing players to transfer there creatures over to the new games if they want?

  • One game for cell stage, aquatic stage (TBH, the cell and aquatic stages could almost be the same thing, with one just being at a much smaller scale) creature stage and early tribal stage (This game would basically be an evolution survival game)

  • One game for the civilization stages (There would probably be some elements from Paradox's grand strategy and city managment games in here)

  • One game for the space stage (not sure what you'd class this as... maybe an RPG?)

    [edit] if your wondering how your gonna create an entire 1:1 scale galaxy (or maybe... a universe o_O) for the space stage, I recommend you check out Space Engine http://en.spaceengine.org/ and No Mans Sky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmwG6Sj1Yfg

    [edit #2] I'd also like it for it to be viable (gamplay-wise) to remain in a stage e.g. Aquatic or Creature permanently (or atleast for a verrryyy long time)

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