I'd Recommend Against Shopping Online at Bodega (bdgastore)

FWIW, as someone who lived in Back Bay for 4 years (college). I wouldn't even recommend shopping in their physical shop. I felt their entire staff were pretty shitty from my experience. No sense of customer service. They acted more like hall monitors than retail staff. Most of them had this super entitled attitude where they'd be happy snapping at , or bouncing a customer (rudely) for any infraction to their 'store rules' - such as a really strict no photos policy. Boston is really touristy, and really saturated with colleges, you'd think the staff would be a little more understanding considering they're located in one of the most touristy parts of town. A friend of mine from out of state was visiting and I took her there, she saw a shirt she really liked and wanted to take a pic of it. I wasn't standing next to her so didn't see her take out her phone, some guy stopped her and basically got us both kicked out of the store..

It's been a long time so I can't recall other specific experiences, other than one time I remember wanting to see something from the display cabinet (a watch I think) and the cashier woman basically replied along the lines of "no - if you want to buy it then we'll take it out". So yeah, that kind of attitude. I did end up buying one pair of Nikes from them as a freshman, but otherwise fuck that store. Never bought anything from them after. Would constantly take friends there to show them the spot but preface it by warning them the staff are assholes. Not even surprised about your story (which really sucks btw, I'm sorry you had that experience) - they definitely seem the type of company that would pull a stunt like that.

I feel like they also get a lot of hype & attention because of the novelty of their "secret entrance" but once you strip that away, its just a retail outlet run by a bunch of douchebags selling more or less just "hype" gear. Nothing really special. (Aside from occasional limited releases they managed to get their hands on..)

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