"I'd Respect the Gays More If They Didn't Turn Gayness Into a Personality Trait" Starter Pack

So, I need to praise over sensitive people that wants to yell everytime something related to their sexuality comes in a conversation, that's right? that's the only way I'm not "homophobic"? In that case, that is not a fact, that's just a condition that you're pushing to judge people to feel on a moral high ground, and also justify any kind of your own behaviour (which is judgement and therefore rejection because "homophobia" or whatever you classify as bigotry) regardless of how the second person feels.

If that's a fact as you say, then homophobia is just insecurity or middle annoyance (according of what you're making me understand) so it shouldn't matter since its weight as a social conduct is minimal (which is bullshit), your logic is fucked, and you need to grow the fuck up, annoying people are annoying, is simply as that.

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