Ideal Confession Scenarios [discussion]

I posted a Miraxus semi-confession a while ago. Here it is:

It's the end of the Alvarez arc, Laxus has defeated the Spriggan God Serena, but at one cost.....his grandfather Makarov. Even if Laxus is the master of one of the fastest elements out there he was still too late. Serena, on the ground heavily wounded and about to die, managed too shoot a blast, powerful enough to kill any mage in 1 blow. It was heading towards Laxus but as soon as Laxus turned around, Makarov was already there.

Before he could react he could only hear the final words from his beloved grandfather, "I love you Laxus, I always have. Take care of the guild for me...".

The blast was overpowering, taking out the life, the soul from Markarov's body in a single flash, disintegrating him in an instant.

After the dust settled, Laxus saw what remained, the body of the dead Serena.....but also ashes of the body of the dead Makarov.

We now cut to 1 day later, after Fairy Tail regained their composure and before preparing to face the culprit of this whole war, Fairy Tail gathered around to mourn the lost Guild Master. Everybody had their heads low, thinking about their memories they had with Makarov, but there was one person who just couldn't stay focused. One girl who noticed someone very important was missing on the funeral. Mirajane slowly walked out of the building, heading to one place where she remembered Laxus liked to be when he was young, one place where by getting curious she caught him just staring to the ocean.

After a few minutes, Mirajane finally got to that place, and she was right. Laxus was there, staring down into the sunset with his coat just moving to the rhythm of the wind.

"Hey." Mirajane said, but got no response.

"I knew I would find you here" Mirajane told Laxus, but once response.

The wind started to flow even more in the area where they were.

"It's getting kind chilly up her-"

"Stop acting like everything is alright" Laxus finally spoke out, in a cold low monotone voice.

"I'm not-...yeah you're right, everything is not fine right now. Why aren't you at the funeral?" Mirajane said.

Laxus once again kept cold, silent, refusing to open up to the girl that was behind him. That girl that in the past, he teased her making her angry, sad and various other emotions, but that was in a past where only power was his only thought. Soon after he learned his lessons and changed for the better, saving Team Natsu on Tenrou Island, giving Natsu his own power to defeat Hades and save everyone. Yes, he has changed since that distant past, but now he refuses to speak. Now his only goal is to torture the man who did all of this. His only thought was "I have to kill him, one way or another I have to kill him, even if I die in the process. I. Have. To. Kill. Hi-"

"Laxus" Mirajane said, making Laxus drift from his only thought and soon to be his only goal in life. He was getting into a suicide mission one way or another.....unless....

"Laxus please, listen to me, I know better than anyone what you're going through-"

Right on that point, there was fire in his blood. Fire he never thought he had before. Fire that enraged him!

"NO! YOU KNOW NOTHING!" Laxus furiously let out, shocking Mirajane.



"BUT YOU STILL GOT HER BACK!" Laxus said, "You still got her back...... I saw my grandfather disintegrate right before my eyes. There is noway he is coming back god damn it!

Silence now filled the air. Mirajane, holding back her own tears from seeing the man who saved them on Tenrou Island, the man who changed his ways for the better thanks to the love form his grandfather and his guild, now broken and destroyed. But this was not the time to cry, she had to be strong, for the man who is in front of her, for the man who helped her in her times of need, for the man she loves.

"Laxus....I know I got Lisanna back, I know Makarov can't come back from this, but look at the way you're acting. Think of what Makarov, your grandfather who has loved you all his life, your grandfather who cried for you for 2 straight nights after he had to banish you and trust me I know, I was there comforting him. Makarov would want you to be strong, he would want you to stop crying, he would want you to kick the man responsible's ass who attacked Fairy Tail, your family. He would want you to become Guild Master and take care of your family."

Laxus looking down suddenly thought, "Guild Master" how does she know that Makarov's last words were "take care of your family"? Then Laxus knew she was telling the truth. Ji-ji, the man who banished Laxus, still thought of him as the next Guild Master, still loved him and still cried for him.

"Please Laxus, let us help you", Mirajane stepped closer to him raising Laxus head so that he can look Mirajane directly at her beautiful deep blue eyes, "Laxus, let me help you."

While looking into her eyes, a million thoughts were popping up in his mind, "what are you doing" they said, "You're showing what you actually feel, your reputation would be ruined!" Laxus old thoughts were telling him to not open up, to keep in his comfort zone and stay silent, but now, looking at her, at the beautiful girl who after everything he did, she never gave up on him, now.....he didn't give a damn.

Laxus let his body drop, dropping onto Mirajane so that she can catch him, burying his face onto her chest and finally crying right before her.

"I'm sorry......I'm so sorry. I've never lost anything in my life before, I was always the victor in many fights that I had, but now, after I lost my grandfather.....I don't know what to do."

Mirajane was shocked. After many years of Laxus acting cocky, arrogant, and tough, she finally saw the weaker side of him. She couldn't stop herself anymore and let her own tears drop on her face.

"It's okay....she said while shedding tears, "It's okay....what have to do now is let us in....let us in and we can help you.....I can help you."

They stayed there, hugging each other, crying together and before they knew it, it was alreayd night. You could see billions of stars in the sky, shinning brighter then ever before. It's like if you could feel them comforting you and saying "It's alright, the future will be better than you can ever imagine".

"Mirajane" Laxus finally spoke up.

"Yes?" Mirajane said while brushing his bright hair.

"I will lead our family into the final battle. I will focus on protecting you and the rest of Fairy Tail and making sure everyone comes back alive.....but after that....I want to ask you an important question. Something that only matters to you and me."

Mirajane was surprised, she already had an idea on what he could say, blushing at the same time she thought of it.

"Yes Laxus....I-I mean yes, you can ask me later" she said that while blushing.

"Now Laxus, it's time to take your first step.....your first step to moving on into the future."

"Yes.....I still haven't said my grandfather"

After that, they both got up, hand in hand and they walked back to the guild building, back to the place where Laxus will be and move on into the future, back to the family he would protect."


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