The Ideal Society Would Support Secularism.

I didn't say it was an imposition. I said the idea of it is a wishful condemnation of reality. Which it is.

To be an imposition, one would have to have the power to inflict it. Which one does not which is why honest tyrants - those who come right out and say that those who don't comply are unacceptable and/or fair game - require so many layers of security because oppression is two-fold, requiring those in power and those who want power over those in power. Or three-fold, if you include the minions of the power mongers.

My point is that the very idea of Utopia is based on a rejection of reality. As are all "wants". Not that there's anything wrong with that. Your freedom, my freedom and the OP's freedom are all the same freedom - including the freedom to condemn reality or, otherwise, relate to it from the perspective of it being defective.

My perspective is so different that any and all desire for any sort of Utopia is a desire for my elimination. Which I don't mind. I like reality - including the freedom of others to want me gone - and I'm not alone in that. I'm just not silenced by it. Most would say they don't want to "stoop to that level" but I say I'm no better than anyone else so sociopolitical shaming, embarrassment or otherwise trying to silence me won't work because I don't have any intentions interest in such things as sociopolitical status, respect or popularity.

At any rate, if you think 2 + 2 = orange and are willing to live with reality itself as a thorn in your side, that's your freedom and I'm okay with that.

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