Ideas for Unovan Reigional Forms


.A Native American themed cubone and Marowack, I’m picturing paint on their skulls with feathers attached.

.A male version of Jynx

.A tumbleweed tangela that evolves into a dust storm entity instead of tangrowth

.This may be a reach but, a white Zapdos so the bird trio is made up of red white and blue.


.A cute snubble line. Snubble would resemble a golden retriever puppy and granbull would be a larger cuter golden retriever looking Pokémon.

.A sudowoodo that resembles a redwood. I’m picturing it tall like alolan exeggutor.

.Maybe unknown that resembles Native American symbols?


.A rattle snake seviper and coyote zangoose.

.Fuck it. Red, white, and blue, keckleon.


.A Unovan Bronzong that represents the liberty bell, and bronzor representing a penny.

.A water/grass carnivine that represents a mangrove tree (carnigrove?)

.A lumberjack themed snover and abomasnow would be a cool representation of Canada as well.


.A clauncher and clawitzer that resemble Atlantic lobster

.Hawlucha with resemblance to Hulk Hogan, bandana and all.


.A yungoos with an orange face and a gumshoos with an orange face, smaller hands, and marking on its torso that resembles a tie.

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