Do you identify as a feminist? Why or why not?

Back when I had Facebook, it was several times daily in the form of shared posts and statuses. In college it was pretty regular in conversation. Still on Snapchat now I'll see it on people stories quite regularly. In conversation, it comes up at work every so often, a woman complained recently how she wasn't promoted because of shitty gender discrimination after a man (who's much more qualified and experienced) got the position. I had my own mother imply recently that women were the biggest victims of world war two. I've been hanging out with girls who will stay stuff like men have a "rape instinct" or think there should be a "male curfew", or that men and women have the same suicide rate, the extras are just all the MALE suicide bombers. One girl I used to hang out with thinks men should have NO child custody in divorce. My friends ex tried justifying her cheating by saying it's fine for women to do but not for men because if women do it it means their man failed as a provider. It's not just these individually though, the ones shared on social media had seemed to get massive responses in agreement from other women.

I know a lot of women and yes, these fuck ups of life are a very small minority but I've still heard this shit way too many times to count.

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