Identifying incest?

Man that sounds just like Sharia law. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, there is no easy justice for women. In Saudi Arabia a man can bring along 3 or 4 friends as. Witness along with a smelly rag and accuse a woman of witchcraft because he can't have children and the Saudi Arabian government will follow with a sword to the neck execution after Friday prayer. In Iran many women get honour killed by their own brothers or fathers and same in Saudi Arabia, you recall that woman who Canada rescued from Thailand because she was afraid going back to Saudi Arabia is sure death? The women can't even be free. Honour killings against Muslim girls happened in the US too when a Texas father ran over his daughters because they were dating a Christian man.

Religion needs to respect people equally and year women with fairness and justice. In Saudi Arabia the women just recently got a right to drive and religious police have been mostly dismantled by the Prince. The religious police used to even tell women they can't wear any makeup and they would grab any alcoholic beverage men are drinking and smash them. The prince has been doing a lot to help change countries image so it doesn't look like North Korea

Dubai though is an Arab land that is very free and fair justice to everyone and people can drink alcohol in certain areas.

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