Identity crisis/need for experiences led to relationship ending & making the worst mistake of my life

It's so easy to be blind and take that incredible person for granted.. they make it so easy because they're always there. But the reality is, they won't always be there. Someone else will figure out how incredible they are and they won't take her for granted. Good for you for taking this step and ending it with the causal girl(s). If you saw this girl as your better half, please go get her before it's too late. Every guy needs to wake up and take this step -- u/gymfiendpizzaguy u/shhimstudying u/afterglowts


[in reply to u/gymfiendpizzaguy - I owe you guys everything. This got me off my ass - I ended it with anyone I was seeing casually and as worried as I was to do it, it ended up feeling like a weight was lifted. I know I have some fighting to do to show her that I'm in it for real this time but I'm ready to do anything.

She is honestly an angel. Idk how she still loves me. Not a single other soul would have taken all the bs I threw at her. The number of times I ignored her yet she was always there when I did reach out. She's my soulmate and I am so mad at how blind I was for so long.]

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