"Identity politics is bullshit" combo pack (x-post from r/OnGuardForThee)

That's such a stupidly different situation.

Not really

You literally don't have any concept of feeling in climate science. That's literally just how shit is.

Theres no concept of science in how you feel either so what's your point?

In psychology, literally EVERYTHING is about directly engaging with people's feelings.

These days it seems to be more about selling medication

Youre putting two different versions of the word "feel" together, probably unintentionally.

Certainly intentionally, but it still illustrates my point that you can use feelings to exert your, which is exactly what you are doing when you try and shame people out of their opinion

One is the "I've got a hunch that climate science is fake" and the other is "this thing, which relates only to me, which is entirely defined by how I feel."

Yup. Except telling society to change to make room for your neuroses or fetish is incredibly selfish

Like, do you just tell people with anxiety disorders or depression to just get over their feelings?

Yes, those people need to be empowered not shut out via medical intervention

Edit, back at my PC now: In psychology, we take mostly objective measures of subjective things. You can measure cognitive performance, focus, etc, for specific disorders, but what about anxiety, depression, dysphoria, etc? You have to measure how people are very directly feeling and then attempt to deal with that.

So deal with it instead of validating their biases in a way that exacerbates the abnormality instead of forcing everyone else to institutionalize a false reality

What is the threshold where their feelings become 'REALITY' to you? When a million people experience depression and kill themselves? 10 million?

Killing yourself is a choice only you can make, and unfortunately those that make it often are quite detached from reality. What you're saying here is alarmist and doesn't really seem to make any coherent point

Brain chemistry is real. How brain chemistry AFFECTS US is real. Pretending that climate science denial is equal to what happens because of brain chemistry fucking you up instead of ideology or pretending that psychological disorders are just ideology are equally asinine.

So why not encourage people to face reality instead of telling them their brain is broken and drugging them? That just seems to validate that anything you do in life is justified so long as you "feel" it's right, which seems to be exactly what you're crying about.

Being divorced of emotions doesn't make you more objective, it just lets you pretend your biases aren't there even though they still are, and it also makes you look like an ass to people who aren't exactly like you.

Cheap jab.

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