IDF will respond firmly to threats, Gantz vows after Gaza attack

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Deputy defense minister: This government will block any two-state deal: With the Likud-Beytenu and Jewish Home parties opposed to a Palestinian state, efforts at negotiations are futile, Danny Danon tells Times of Israel

Netanyahu’s party platform ‘flatly rejects’ establishment of Palestinian state

Bill Clinton: Netanyahu 'not the guy' to strike lasting Middle East peace deal: Former US president recorded going off-message in criticising the Israeli government’s unwillingness to seek peace

Erekat: Israel is trying to sabotage the peace process

Top PM aide: Gaza plan aims to freeze the peace process

Israel has a stunning record of war crimes. It's no surprise they're pushing so hard to not even be investigated.

Israeli demolitions 'collective punishment': Israeli forces demolished 664 Palestinian homes as punishment between 2001 and January 2005

"Israel's repeated firing of white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of Gaza during its recent military campaign was indiscriminate and is evidence of war crimes, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today."

Israel government 'tortures' children by keeping them in cages, human rights group says

“Palestinian children are systematically subject to physical/verbal violence, humiliation, painful restraints, hooding of the head and face, death threats, physical violence, and sexual assault against themselves or members of their family, restricted access to toilet, food and water."

Ongoing deterioration of the nutritional status of Palestinian preschool children in Gaza under the Israeli siege.

Iron deficiency anemia among kindergarten children living in the marginalized areas of Gaza Strip, Palestine.

Israel's Blockade Of Gaza Puts Palestinian Children's Health At Risk: Report

Farming without Land, Fishing without Water: Gaza Agriculture Sector Struggles to Survive

Israel forced to release study on Gaza blockade: Israeli government officials now acknowledge the food restrictions were partly intended to put pressure on Hamas by making the lives of people in Gaza difficult, says the BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza City.

Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead: Twenty-nine members of the family, all of them civilians, were killed in the Israel Defense Force's winter assault - 21 during the shelling of a house where IDF soldiers had gathered some 100 members of the family a day earlier.

WikiLeaks: Israel aimed to keep Gaza economy on brink of collapse

Gaza conflict 'causing PTSD in children' after seeing dead bodies and witnessing heavy shelling

UN: Palestinian children tortured, used as human shields by Israel

Report: Palestinian civilians' deaths go unpunished

Ziv Stahl, director of Yesh Din’s Research Department, commented on the findings: "In practice, the updated statistics show that the likelihood that a soldier who unjustifiably killed a Palestinian civilian will be investigated, let alone penalized, is slight to non-existent. This reality encourages the unlawful use of weapons by soldiers, even in clearly civilian situations such as demonstrations.”

The indictment of soldiers who have killed Palestinians is extremely rare. From 29 September 2000, the beginning of the second Intifada, through 31 March 2011, Israeli security forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have killed at least 3,024 Palestinians who were not taking part in combat. Of that number, 2,821 were killed by the military. Until the MAG Corps policy was changed in April 2011, few investigations were conducted in cases of Palestinians killed by soldiers. A Yesh Din report and B’Tselem data show that, of all such incidents through April 2011, only 14 resulted in indictments.

According to defense officials, the Israel Defense Forces made use of the ‘human shield’ procedure on 1,200 occasions over the last five years,

Gaza: Israeli Soldiers Shoot and Kill Fleeing Civilians

Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl

Israel is finding it harder to deny targeting Gaza infrastructure: With blackouts, food shortages and sewage in the streets, observers say the IDF either targets civilians or has terrible aim

The attacks Human Rights Watch investigated include a missile attack that killed four boys on a Gaza City pier and wounded three others, multiple strikes over several days on a hospital for paralyzed and elderly patients, attacks on an apparent civilian residence and media worker’s car, and four previously documented strikes. In many, if not all, of these cases, Human Rights Watch found no evidence of a military target.

Israeli forces have carried out attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians, using precision weaponry such as drone-fired missiles, as well as munitions such as artillery, which cannot be precisely targeted, on very densely populated residential areas, such as Shuja’iyyeh. They have also directly attacked thousands of homes. Israel appears to consider the homes of people associated with Hamas to be legitimate military targets, a stance that does not conform to international humanitarian law.

Israeli attacks that were the deadliest were carried out with high precision weapons. Israeli F-16 combat aircrafts targeted and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian homes without warning, with full knowledge of the circumstances, killing and injuring people, often while they were sleeping at night. Other victims were sitting in their yard or hanging laundry on their roof. Some children were struck while playing in their room, on the roof of their home or outside near their home. Rescuers and paramedics have been attacked several times while trying to rescue the wounded or recover the bodies of victims. 5 Dozens of civilians have also been killed by less precise weapons, including mortar shells and white phosphorous. Still others, including women and children, were shot at short range while posing no threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers.6

Here are some of the things Israeli's have done. I've compiled some videos showing their brutality. These videos are absolutely raw and have not been tampered with by mainstream media. Remember that the mainstream media has an agenda, and the UK/US are major allies of Israel, they won't talk about what is really going on because it is against their interests (an allies interest).

Also note that I'm a caucasian male living in the United States. I have no reason to be biased except for the hatred of seeing people manipulated into backing genocide. I was deceived into going to Iraq and Afghanistan, now I am making a stand, the media will not fool me again and I'd suggest others do independent research as well.

NSFW (The first few videos are tame, just in case you accidentally clicked on them. most of the rest contain extreme gore, murder, sadness, and violence) - Israelis chanting "There’s no school tomorrow, there’s no children left in Gaza! Oleh!” - Warning: Murder - This is one of the more stomach churning ones, you have been warned. - This is one of the more stomach churning ones, you have been warned. WARNING: This is probably the most disturbing video you'll ever see in your life, I'm not joking.

To give you an idea of the utter destruction going on in Gaza, here's a video of an area of the city being flattened by airstrikes.

This list is far from complete, there are thousands of videos like this, some even worse.

As you can see, the "war" is far more one sided than the media will let you know.

If you live in the U.S., call your state representatives and urge them to stop sending billions in support to Israel every year.

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