Idk if you noticed this - gender free candles is a protest i can get behind tho! Happy burning !

this is only somewhat related. there are so many amazing funny feminist subs like /r/pointlesslygendered, my two faves being /r/menwritingwomen and /r/badwomensanatomy but not gonna lie, this subreddit in particular is so much more often for women embracing themselves than it is about snarking over the pathetic patriarchal state of the world. and don't get me wrong, I love feminist snark but I've found if I expose myself to it too much, I'm still bummed out over the stuff I'm seeing that's getting snarked about (r/niceguys is so depressing). there's only so many reality checks I can take until I'm like "okay time for my witch robe and uh manly indulgence candles to meditate over my breath and universal themes with my damn crystals"

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