If Adnan and Bilal were both in on it, why involve Jay as secondary help?

I find it unlikely all 3 were involved. There are so many different scenarios and all of it is speculation. But, Off the top of my head a way all 3 could have been involved:

Bilal convinced Hae to meet him somewhere and killed her. He put her in the van and then went to find Adnan to show him, thinking Adnan would be happy. Bilal finds Adnan and Jay together- the “trunk pop” is for both A and J. Bilal has the two of them bury the body. He wasn’t planning on using Jay, but it’s January and cold and he had seen the body, so he used him.

Bilal then pressures Jay into cutting him out of the story. Adnan feels guilty because his venting about Hae is why Bilal killed her. And there is no way for him to admit to part of the burial without implicating himself in all of it.

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