If anyone has any suggestions on gear to use, or if im missing anything i would love to hear it!

I'm sorry but you're missing so many things. If you have never skied in the backcountry before, please go take an avalanche safety course. PLEASE. They should teach most importantly, the knowledge you need to take with you so you won't kill yourself or someone else, and secondly what you need to bring. Or, if there is someone you know who has a lot of experience they will tell you what you need to know and pack. If you think you will need an airbag, you shouldn't go out, however, it is nice to have.

So far you have skis, skins, beacon, shovel, probe, and bindings. Here is the start of a list of some things that remain, but it is not exhaustive and depends on your trip.

Essential Gear:

*ski boots *ski poles *proper backpack *long underwear (top and bottom) *midlayer *warm jacket (fleece or down) *waterproof jacket *waterproof pants *toque (hat) *gloves *head lamp + fresh batteries *pocket knife *whistle *lighter or waterproof matches *large plastic bag for emergency shelter *sun glasses or goggles *2L (at least) water *lunch + snacks *toilet paper *fresh batteries (for your beacon)

For glacial terrain:

*ice axe *crampons / ski crampons *rope *harness (carabiners (some locking), prussiks, pulleys, etc. if you don't know what else is needed for glacial terrain, you should not be in glacial terrain)

Group assets:

*sun screen *map *compass *first aid kit *ski/binding repair kit


*gaiters *fleece pants *ski-helmet *snow saw *rutschblock cord *loupe *crystal card *CAC Avaluator card *Winter Overnight *Personal essentials

For an overnight trip:

*additional warm clothing *fleece pants *eating utensils and bowl *sleeping bag (at least -10°C) *4-season sleeping pad *more food

Group Assets for overnight trip:

*stove with fuel (400ml pp/night) *pot + matching pot gripper *winter-tent with poles and pegs

Optional for overnight:

*hut booties *SPOT satellite device *water treatment *ear plugs *fuel for lantern if hut trip

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