I want to know if anyone else is having the same problems I am and if it’s HPPD

My friend you are not alone. 4 months ago I had a very bad trip. I tripped with 2 friends and fell into multiple thought loops with one of them while the other shocked as he watched, there was also a baby sitter. Loops are common in bad trips. It feels like you’ve experienced the same thing over and over, sometimes leaving a mark even after the trip. Now, what you experienced, the feeling of repetition is similar to what I went through in the following thought loops: repeating the same words and phrases to the point it felt like I could read my friends mind. Believing we were stuck in an eternity. Believing the baby sitter (who was my cousin) was an angel and the other friend who wasn’t stuck in the loop was the devil. Believing I was still stuck in my friends room even after we had left. Believing I had a heart attack and died on my friends bed and now living in a parallel reality. Also, believing I went to space and came back down into a parallel reality. How can I think all this at the same time? Idk it’s fucking acid you can have all these thoughts in just 2 minutes! While very much feeling like you lived through each for at least 20 minutes. But they all kept repeating in my head. What sparked it was when the person I got looped with said “bro what did you give me!” Since I hadn’t experienced such strong acid I convinced myself it wasn’t acid which completely drove me off the rails. I was screaming in the name of God, begging for forgiveness for all my sins (psychotic episode)

After the hallucinations had worn down, I felt a little dumb for the way I acted. But ultimately relieved that it was acid. As you can see, your experience wasn’t as severe (doesn’t mean what you feel isn’t severe) so it might be best to stop all sorts of drug use for awhile. I had also smoked weed at that time which didn’t help. It’s not good mixing those two even if weed looks harmless compared to acid.

I quit cold turkey a little over a month ago. Got super baked a week ago and started having the same thoughts I did when I was on acid but not as intense. Still enough to make me believe that I’ve descended from space and now stuck in this parallel reality. But the next day I felt fine. So as you can see I’m still recovering but I don’t actually believe I’m stuck, I don’t really believe any of the other thoughts I had are true. I know everything I’ve gone through since is real. And the thought itself of what you’re living now is real you just have to see what happened that day as a bad trip cause truly that’s all it was. I know it’s difficult, for the longest time I didn’t feel like anything was real since then. I do believe it’s ptsd and the best way to deal with it is by Distracting yourself with hobbies as much you can, spending time with close people, exercise. Try to bundle all the thoughts that have sprouted from that bad trip and wrap into “just a bad trip” It’ll take time but as long as you can start seeing it for what it is, you’ll get better. And one more thing, it is not hppd!

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