If you are a police officer and you are unwilling to run toward gunfire, to protect little kids..... Quit. Quit tomorrow. Find another job. Home Depot is hiring. Do something else.

What part of socialism do you think requires government intervention?


"The Pope is a corrupt asshole that has no authority over me. His interpretation of the bible is flawed and is influenced by too many non-biblical sources. Therefore why would I agree with anything a Christian has to say about a moral life?"

You're conflating whatever strawman of socialism you've been spoonfed with the broader concept.

The Pope doesn't represent all of Christendom, nor does whatever socialist boogeyman you are thinking of represent all of socialist theory.

I'm not even a socialist. I just find your kneejerk rejection of it as a destructive force.

To your point: Would you disagree with a socialist who says there's a class war being fought and that the uber-wealthy who own Congress are winning?

Class consciousness is the biggest hurdle to enacting any meaningful change in American society. Just blanket denying the wisdom in an entire school of economic theory is foolish. I'm not a card carrying Marxist, but the man had his finger on some shit. Just flat out ignoring that fact isn't a confirmation of your piety as a libertarian -- It is a rejection of critical thinking.

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