If Bernie loses this thing, I'm going independent. This whole election has been an embarassment to to the US and everything we were founded upon. I'm truly ashamed to be an American in this day and age. #NeverBiden #DemExit

You’re kidding. You can’t be this stupid.

I voted for Shillary. Yet, somehow, my one vote AGAINST trump, (that wasn’t even relevant because my purple state went red), means I’m now responsible for HIS choices... a man almost thrice my age, in literally the highest position in our government... who I have zero control over... even though all those people will probably be dead before November even happens? Despite the fact that I donated, volunteered, and voted for Bernie in my primary and urged others to do so? It’s now my fault that people are dying? Despite the fact that I literally devote my life to serving the under served IN HEALTHCARE?

You’re a professional gaslighter. Thanks for showing me an ounce of how actual Trump supporters feel - I don’t support him, but I can’t even imagine how furious I would be with you if I did.

I couldn’t care less about an argument on the internet, sweetie. That’s you. Stop projecting. It’s your people who whine “well I WANTED to give the poors healthcare but then a toxic Bernie bro was mean to me online! Oh well, guess they can die!!”

I’m upset over Biden being literally the most corrupt candidate out of however many started in the beginning, and them forcing him down our throats — AGAIN. I’m upset that people will LITERALLY DIE because they don’t have healthcare. They were already dying. They were already suffering before Trump decided to be obnoxious and embarrassing. Big pharma was already letting people die over making $6 in profit. Trump just made us look at what a disgusting failure this country is.

I am not among my enemies. You are. Go back to #lickbootsnomatterwho and leave me alone.

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